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Proper maintenance techniques for wood flooring antworten

Solid wood flooring with its natural, non-polluting and so on, so many consumers a soft spot for them, but the solid wood flooring is more upscale ground decoration materials, compared to other similar can not help some delicate, need careful care and maintenance. General solid wood flooring is more afraid of damp,The Maintenance of Wpc Flooring on Balcony the correct use and maintenance, to maintain the timber floor is beautiful and durable is very important. Solid wood flooring maintenance of the four elements: 1, waterproof. If you are not careful in the solid wood floor spilled water, even a little, but also in a timely manner with a soft cloth to wipe clean and keep dry, so as not to promote gloss, and even cause warping, cracking and mildew.
2, fire. Do not put the unburned cigarette butts and matches with the items or seedlings thrown to the ground, do not use gasoline and other dust on the ground, dirt, so as to avoid static electricity after friction, causing a fire. 3, anti-injury. Do not wear shoes with nails to walk on solid wood floors,Wpc products in the market some rough, heavy and relatively high hardness items, can not be directly on the solid wood floor, to prevent scratches, if this happens, it should be repaired in time. 4, anti-fouling. If it is water-soluble substances left in the general dirt, you can first wipe the dust, and then with a soft cloth dipped in a little thick tea to wipe. For those who do not understand the chemical nature of the cleaning agent is not free to use, so as not to cause some unnecessary chemical reaction caused by floor damage.
Solid wood flooring maintenance methods, 1, from time to time to play a wax, the time interval with the floor finish to be painted finish. The method is to use a semi-dry cloth to wipe the floor and wax. To evenly spread the surface of the floor and make it "soaked", and so slightly dry with a thousand soft cloth on the floor back and forth to wipe until smooth and translucent so far. 2, the use of three to five years, you can use the original paint the floor of the same paint,Natural appearance of wood composite decking boards the floor re-paint again. Remember to do a good job in the paint before the dust, and pay attention should be fine with a little water sandpaper, dip a little warm water, gently polish the floor surface again in order to wear away the residual oil, and then wipe clean with a clean cloth , So you can brush on the paint.
Solid wood flooring maintenance considerations: 1, in the floor just after the laying of the time, we must always remember that the flow of indoor air; 2, overweight items should be placed smoothly, can not be forced to pull furniture or hard objects drag and drop; 4, to keep the floor dry and clean; 5, with a floor cleaner, please use the dirt, can not be used to clean the items with damage. 3, use the floor to clean the floor, do not use water to soak the floor,Eco friendly outdoor wall panel if there is outside, you should promptly dry the floor with a dry mop; Solid wood flooring in the face of special stains, when it is clean up: grease, paint, oil black can be used to wipe the oil stains. If it is juice, wine, beer and other stains can be wet with a rag or dipped in an appropriate amount of floor cleaning agent wipe; not use strong acid-base liquid clean wood floor.

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