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Perez Doesnt Regret Argument With As Fan - RealGM Wiretap
Chris Perez will not apologize after being caught on camera in a profanity-laced exchange with a taunting A's fan.

"I don't regret it Cheap Jerseys From China ," the Indians closer said. "Looking back it's not the best thing to be on the Internet and stuff. I had no idea they were videotaping it. I wouldn't have done it. Looking back, that's what he was planning. So he got me.

"You have to live and learn. Luckily, I didn't say too bad of stuff. It was pretty bad, but it could have been worse."

The incident took place on Sunday. A viral video shows the back of Perez while he's yelling at the fan.

He said that particular fan has been riding him in Oakland for the past four years when he shags balls in the outfield before the game.

"I ignored it for 1½ groups. Then I just said 'What's your problem?' " Perez said. "If you got something to say, come down to my face and say it down in the bullpen. That's what happened.

"It's one of those things ... four years and I'd had enough. I'm not even playing the game. I'm shagging. I understand during the game it's all part of the game. It wasn't just a random guy that I just pointed out. It was the same guy for four years who has just been on me and on me. The video shows his ulterior motives. It's unfortunate. It's out there and I've just got live and learn from it."

Cubs Have No Plans To Trade Kyle Schwarber - RealGM Wiretap

The Chicago Cubs have said they'll look to add pitching this offseason, which means a position player or two could be moved from the current roster.

Several bloggers have speculated that Kyle Schwarber could be traded to an American League team. Considered about his defense Cheap NFL Jerseys , some project him as a designated hitter.

"Let's start with the fact that if the Cubs wanted equal pitching to hitting they wouldn’t have drafted hitters in the first round over the past four years," writes Jesse Rogers. "If they trade Schwarber, they will just be looking to replace him, especially considering everything he brings to the table starting with being a dangerous left-handed hitter. It might be easier to find pitching.

"Now, that’s a little simplistic, as trading Schwarber for a pitcher in his prime isn’t the same as drafting one who is unproven Cheap Jerseys , but the point is the Cubs want to trade from where they are redundant or can get maximum value."

The Quick And Easy Guide To Finding A Great Deck Contractor The Quick And Easy Guide To Finding A Great Deck Contractor May 15, 2013 | Author: Jay Walker | Posted in Business

In order to keep your project run smoothly,you must have the best deck repair service contractor with you. It is crucial to find the one that will ease your burden and be your helping hand. Not sure where to find? Luckily we have compiled some suggestions to help you.

When reading online reviews on deck repair service contractors makes sure you weed through the comments. The only reviews that should count are from people that have actually used the services of that specific contractor. There are some internet sites that allow anyone to post a review.

When interviewing a deck repair service contractor it’s important to ask them about any other commitments they have. If they’re working another full-time or part-time job they may not be able to put %100 into your project.

You need to find out how will your deck repair service contractor ensure that there is no theft on the work site? And how often does heshe have theft incidents on site? A contractor who has a habit of leaving work site insecure and unlocked for thieves would not be a good hire.

During an initial meeting ask the deck repair service contractor for references and experience with the project you have planned. Create a joint contract in which the time frame and possible and expected costs are outlined. During the job check the work site regularly to assure your level of standard.

You should take the time to look up the certifications that your deck repair service contractor possesses. Take a look at some of the organizations that certify contractors to determine which contractor holds the right certifications to perform the work on your project.

Avoid being a negative, harsh and dishonest boss. Acting this way towards a deck repair service contractor could result in your project not turning out well. Keep in mind that a contractor wants to be treated with respect as much as you do and will not provide quality work if they’re dealing with an awful boss.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and stay away from deck repair service contractors that offer to help finance a project by referring a “friend” who processes unconventional loans, this could end up costing you everything!

The internet is a valuable resource when searching for information on potential deck repair service contractors. When possible you should always try and find reviews and feedback of contractors online. This will help you learn as much as you can about them.

Interested in finding more about the topic of composite cladding? Be sure to go to Yahoo and search for plastic decking. You could find quite a bit of helpful ideas.

Jeter In Lineup Against Indians - RealGM Wiretap Derek Jeter is in the lineup for New York's series finale in Cleveland on Wednesday night. The All-Star shortstop is four hits shy of 3 Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping ,000 for his career. He had two hits on Tuesday night after going hitless on Monday in his return from the disabled list. Yankees manager Joe Girardi hinted on Tuesday night that he was strongly leaning towards resting Jeter on Wednesday as a precaution following his strained calf muscle. "It was a tough decision," said general manager Brian Cashman. "Joe was wrestling with a lot.

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