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Marlins Delay DL Decision On Hanley - RealGM Wiretap Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez says that the team will wait until Monday to make a decision on putting Hanley Ramirez on the disabled list. Ramirez Joey Rickard Jersey , who was pulled from the second inning of Sunday's game against the Dodgers, has been bothered by lower back pain. "He's doing better, but then again it's still bothering him," Rodriguez said. Rodriguez also said he hasn't seen Ramirez, who underwent an MRI, do any sort of baseball activities since Sunday. "There is something there Jimmy Paredes Jersey , so we have to be careful," Rodriguez said of the MRI. "He might be ready in two or three days. He keeps getting better on a daily basis. We have to make a decision by Monday because we need a starter for Tuesday." Enrique Liked Everything About Bar - RealGM Wiretap
Barcelona advanced to the Copa del Rey semifinals with their 3-2 win over Atlético Madrid (4-2 aggregate).

Fernando Torres scored an early goal, but Barcelona quickly equalized with a goal from Neymar.

"I liked everything about my team, especially the way in which they recovered from a strange situation at the begining of the match when we went 1-0 down after a minute," Luis Enrique said.

"Atleti are an amazing team and they are doing a great job, winning titles in a great way Jim Palmer Jersey , while the pitch was in very bad condition. The ball was bouncing around the place like a rabbit!

"I don't know if that's down to the weather but my team adapted to the conditions and I'm very happy with the performance.

"I loved the second half. We had a lot of control."

锘? One of the biggest sources of problems between Russian women and American men that I have heard about are roommates.

You know the guy you share the house with -- your renter, your brother, your twenty five year old cousin who cant seem to support himself.

Well, your roommate is a smoking gun.

When your Russian fianc gets to America, she is going to take over the house. Its her house now. Thats the way Russian women are raised.

That couch potato, laying on the sofa in front of the ever present football game J.J. Hardy Jersey , surrounded by dirty socks and empty pizza boxes is public enemy number one in the mind of your fianc.

Even if his personal habits are not that reprehensible, he will still be in the way. She is trying to organize the house in her fashion and his idiosyncrasies dont fit into her plan.

From his standpoint, shes just a big pain in the rear. He didnt ask her to come. Hes comfortable in his lifestyle. His life may be in a rut, but he has moved in and furnished it to his satisfaction.

You have learned to tolerate him over time. The two of you have developed a peaceful co-existence that allows you to live together.

But now theres a new sheriff in town.
Your fianc has just gotten out the can of pesticide and is fumigating the place for parasites. And the biggest pest is the one with his butt cheeks pressed against the seat cushions of the sofa right in the middle of the house. Hes hard to ignore.

Your roommate will probably fight back. He will say things to undermine your fianc. Your fianc will eventually tell you either he goes or I go and she will mean it. You are in the middle and you feel like the victim.

Youre not. Its all your fault. Get rid of your roommate before she arrives.

I know all the arguments. He helps with the rent. Hes depending on you. Hes like a (brother, son, fill in the blank) to you. Youll have to work overtime to make up the difference in rent money. You may even have to get another job.

I dont care. Get rid of the roommate. Which do you want more a wife or a roommate?

If you said roommate Frank Robinson Jersey , then why did you bring your fianc to America in the first place?

Get this through your head. Its not your house any more. Its her house. Shes the one who is going to turn your house into a home. That includes fumigating all the pests out of the house.

Your roommate is not innocent either. He has the same attitude as a rat living in an abandoned house. The rat thinks he has as much right to live in your house as you do.

Do you think the rat thinks its fair that you chase him out of the house? Of course not. Neither will your roommate. If you and he are smart, he will be gone before your fianc gets there.

If not, he will be gone shortly after she gets there, or she will be gone.

It's Her House Now:

I didnt have a roommate. I had just moved into my house several months before I went to bring my fianc to America. There were unopened boxes filling up the spare bedroom.

When my fianc came to my house, she wanted all the boxes emptied and the items in them put away. In my way of thinking, this was a project that I would get around to periodically over the next three years.

I told her the best way for me to tackle the project was to keep the boxes under my nose so I would be aware of them Eddie Murray Jersey , and gradually, get around to taking care of processing them.

My fianc was having none of it. She wanted the boxes out NOW.

We had a huge, knock down drag out fight about the boxes. Finally, I moved them out into the garage where they sit two years later, for the most part, unopened.

Truce. An armistice was signed.

My now wife keeps the house in immaculate condition. She likes to do the same with my office. I told her my office is my territory that the rest of the house is hers to do with as she wishes. My wife insists on cleaning my office when Im not around.

Electrical plugs to the computer and other office equipment are frequently accidentally pulled out and in disarray. Files are piled up rather than in the perfect place where I knew exactly where they were.

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