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Classification of stainless steel seamless tubes antworten

Classification of stainless steel seamless tubes1.1, hot-rolled stainless steel seamless pipe is generally in the automatic production of rolling pipe unit. The solid tube blank is inspected and removed from the surface defects, cut into the required length, in the tube end of the perforation end of the centering, and then sent to the heating furnace heating, perforation in the punching machine. In the perforation at the same time continue to rotate and move, in the role of the roll and the head, the tube gradually formed within the cavity, said capillary. And then sent to the automatic rolling machine to continue rolling. And finally by the whole machine are the whole wall thickness, by sizing machine diameter, to specifications. The use of continuous rolling mill production of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe is a more advanced sale stainless steel pipe 304 price per kg1.2, if you want to get smaller and better quality seamless tube, must be cold-rolled, cold drawn, or a combination of the two methods. Cold rolling is usually carried out on a two-roll mill, in which the steel pipe is rolled in an annular orifice formed by a tapered hole and a non-moving tapered head. Cold drawing is usually carried out on single-chain or double-chain cold drawing machines of 0.5 to 100T.20mm Seamless Carbon Thin Wall Steel tubing1.3, the extrusion method is to heat a good tube on a closed cylinder, squeeze rods and extrusion rod with the movement, so that extrusion from the smaller die hole extrusion. This method can produce smaller diameter steel pipe.10 Inch Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

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