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titles like Uncharted 2 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Jersey , inFamous, and Killzone 2. Already, 2010 is shaping up to be a pretty decent year for Sony with lots of great exclusive titles, as well as multiplatform favorites like Bioshock 2. For those who are concerned that the Playstation 3 doesnt have a broad enough game library to justify the purchase one in the coming months, you need only turn your attention to classics like Heavy Rain, God of War 3 Hendrik Bonmann Jersey , Gran Turismo 5, and even indie games like 3D Dot Game Heroes. In fact, these titles dont even touch on what Sony has planned in the near future, with games like MAG and Mafia II.

Final Fantasy XIII

FFXIII is currently in a death struggle with Mass Effect 2 for claiming the RPG of 2010 title, but the biggest surprise of the game is the return to favorite elements featured in previous games. The turn based menu driven combat has been revamped and the storyline stays true to the classic Final Fantasy narrative that many people have come to love from the series. The release of Final Fantasy is going to be huge for the Playstation 3 and will hard to be eclipsed as the RPG of the year.

God of War 3

The epic storyline that concluded in God of War 2 is picked up immediately in God of War 3, which sees Kratos climbing the back of Gaia in order to resume his mission of revenge on the Pantheon. GoW2 sees Kratos fighting from the back of Titans Gonzalo Castro Jersey , attacking with the Cestus, and using tons of new abilities that add to the gameplay weve grown to love in the original God of War games. The game will finish off the trilogy and conclude the original story started by the first two games which is something many gamers have wanted for a long time coming.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a new genre of game called an interactive drama. The game plays as a series of cut scenes that feature quick time events to allow the player to direct the the story in the direction they want to go. In fact, though Heavy Rain is a relatively newcomer to Playstation lineup and developer Quantic Dream took a pretty big gamble on developing the series, the interactive storytelling aspect seems to have captured and fascinated the heart of gamers everywhere. If you have ever made the statement, Man I wish this game were a movie, then Heavy Rain is definitely the experience for you.

3D Dot Game Heroes

This indie action adventure is a parody of all the 8-bit action games you grew up with as a child Felix Passlack Jersey , but it pulls a lot of its inspiration from The Legend of Zelda. The game sees a 2D world thrust into the harsh and unforgiving 3D realm by the king, but the storyline sees the protagonist fighting against an evil bishop. The RPG is a full on tribute to the gaming days of old with plenty of references to olden games like Zelda. The music fits into the 8-bit style perfectly and if you have ever wished you could plug up your old NES system and relive the glory days of Zelda, then 3D Dot Game Heroes is definitely something you need to check out.

The Last Guardian

Team Ico is back at it again and likely to be dragging along the age old question of whether games can be interpreted as art with their latest offering. The last Guardian will see players taking care of a very large griffin monster with a visual throwback to the styles developed in Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. While there arent very many details being released at the moment, many gamers are attempting to speculate whether the game will be stand alone like the previous releases, or whether it will loosely tie into the

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