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LED lights is the safety of the eye antworten

LED lights unique characteristics, indeed for the safety of the car made no small contribution. First of all, LED lights by virtue of its high brightness characteristics, the lights will play the role of warning and lighting to a new standard. Its brightness is much higher than the halogen lamp, it will be used in the brake lights, warning lights on the line lights play a very appropriate role. Second, LED lights operating voltage is low. Only 12V DC voltage can be lit, the load is small, interference is weak, do not have to worry about the xenon lamp as tens of thousands of volts of high voltage power may exist security risks, which also added to the safety of LED lights a point. LED Lights,Car Accessories
LED lamps respond fast. LED lighting time only microsecond level, and in normal temperature, without hot start-up time. When the LED is used in the brakes and the turn signal, it is possible to work efficiently in the shortest reaction time, reducing the chance of collision and rear-end collision, as some accidents occur between 0.1 seconds. No longer need the same as the xenon lamp "slow motion" type light. LED has been through technological breakthroughs and innovation, independent units can control their working status in order to achieve active safety role. Off Road LED Work Light Online Sale

LED lights because it is cold light source, so almost no heat radiation, so for other parts of the car, especially plastic parts or flammable parts, played a better protective effect, to achieve a "self-interest." Finally, LED lights also have low brightness attenuation characteristics. LED light intensity attenuation is much lower than the halogen lamp, that is, you can achieve a longer distance of exposure, even the bad weather LED lights will be particularly eye-catching. Take a typical LED flashlight, for example, a small flashlight with T6 LED bulb through the reflective cup can be irradiated to a distance of about 100 meters, which is sufficient to provide light for the car near the light, not to mention the professional car LED lights . So the LED used as a car lighting or warning lights, and then appropriate. LED Headlight for Vehicles

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