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18.12.2016 03:50
Pandora Flower Charms Sale UK Christmas Sale antworten

Oh lovely, the box is Pandora Jewellery UK Sale:D I already have a thread less bracelet so it’s not for me. Oh no, you’ve got a little while to wait! :( I didn’t realise any countries staggered the release; I thought that the 3rd of November was the global release date. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll only be the more exciting for the wait! :D

Love all the Pandora Charms Sale UK!! I don’t have any pieces of the bracelet gift set and I love the jewelry box, so this and the Disney charm are a must have for me; not sure about the poinsettia, I prefer to wait to see it in person before take a decision… I’m so jealous because in my country the winter collection is coming out in the third week of November :(, so I have to wait a lot. The snowflake bangle is gorgeous!! I love the special designs on the clasp of the bracelets, this October a friend help me to get the pink ribbon bangle from France, so I can’t wait to get it. I’m not so excited about the Christmas Ornament, last year the snowflake ornament was amazing and I got two, but this year maybe only one for the collection… thanks for all the information, I love your beautiful blog!

I have been eagerly awaiting this Pandora Animal Charms Sale UK, as I am always a sucker for these promos around the holidays and have to plan accordingly. I will be doing the bangle promo again this year, as I like this bangle even more than last year’s! Part of my purchase will include this year’s Black Friday charm. I was originally unsure about the BF charm, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I saw an image of it paired with the Cerise Radiant Hearts and just loved it, so I plan to build my Christmas bracelet off of this design. I hope my Pandora store will be open on Thursday (American Thanksgiving) again this year because the bangle sold out very quickly last year. Of course, I will be getting the ornament again and am eager to see if Jared has one again. I haven’t indulged in any of the winter gift sets in the past, but I love the Vintage Allure necklace/earring gift set and have asked for it for a gift. Lastly, I’m not too keen on the bracelet gift set, but I sure hope that box goes for sale, as I must have it!

I have done the same thing with the Pandora Family Charms Sale UK – I was a bit meh about it, but then saw some gorgeous live images of it that have completely changed my mind! So I may get that one after all. I also would love if it Jared had an exclusive ornament – I’d definitely try and get one this year, considering how HTF last year’s has become!

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