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LED fluorescent tube energy saving and environmental protection antworten

LED lighting market is more active, more and more widely applied range, LED fluorescent tubes with its unique advantages more and more into people's lives. In more and more schools, can see the LED fluorescent tube figure. In this case,School with LED fluorescent tubes without radiation, does not harm the body, allowing students to easily read the eyes, to prevent visual fatigue, no noise, so that the learning environment becomes more quiet. In addition to a large extent, saving electricity. Safe and Professional Off Road LED Work Light Online Sale
To a LED18W fluorescent lamp (20) and the traditional 36W fluorescent lamp (20) compared to 12 hours per day light, 1 kWh price of 1 yuan, a year to 4380 hours of lighting time to calculate a year to save electricity The formula is (36 watts -18 watts) × day lit time ÷ 1000 watts × 1 yuan × 365 days, this calculation method is: (36-18) × 12 ÷ 1000 × 1 × 365 = 78.84 yuan, then a classroom 20 fluorescent lamps a year to save electricity about 1,600 yuan.
In this case,If a classroom of traditional lights into LED fluorescent tube can save so much electricity a year, we can imagine the entire school replaced by LED fluorescent tube that the province of electricity is not a small number. In addition LED tube is recognized as the "21st century green lighting" has a green effect. Multibeam Curved LED Light Bar for Wrangler Online Sale

LED fluorescent tube light source is cold light source, unlike the traditional light emitting a lot of heat, it basically can convert all the energy into light energy, will not cause waste of resources. In addition, it does not contain mercury, xenon and other harmful gases, very good protection of the environment.In this case,Schools with LED fluorescent tube lighting effect is not only good, but also can effectively reduce the operating costs of the school, but also can spread to the school concept of energy saving and environmental protection. LED fluorescent tube, is really a new model of energy saving and environmental protection. LED Headlight for Vehicles

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