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Organic lawn care is becoming increasingly popular in the Raleigh canada goose expedition femme pas cher , Apex, and Cary area of North Carolina, as well as all around the country. Why are people using natural fertilizers and soil conditioners instead of chemicals on their lawns?

Organic lawn care is concerned with creating healthy soil. Anything will grow well in healthy soil. Today’s advanced turf species are very aggressive, and will outperform weeds and resist disease and pests if given good, healthy soil. Adding organic fertilizers and soil conditioners is the best way to create healthy soil, whereas adding chemical fertilizers creates unhealthy conditions in soil. Let’s see why.

The addition of natural ingredients increases microbial activity. Microbes in the soil fix the nutrients that plants need for growth and are released slowly and as needed by the plants. Petrochemical fertilizers, however, are often high in soluble salts, which are detrimental to plants and soil microbes canada goose victoria parka femme , thus decreasing microbial activity and plant nutrient uptake. Even high-analysis N-P-K chemical fertilizers have very low plant-use efficiency. Organic fertilizer nutrients such as fish emulsion and kelp release slowly, which minimizes the environmental impact on local streams and wells.

Natural soil fertilizers and conditioners like Fish and Kelp help lawns develop deep root systems with proportional top growth by supplying nitrogen as part of a balance of nutrients. Due to its balanced growth, the natural lawn resists disease, insects and drought much more successfully than high-input lawns do. Naturally-managed lawns cycle nutrients efficiently, preventing thatch buildup. In fact, recycling thatch actually gives the lawn an extra two pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet over the growing season – a nice little boost. Finally, natural lawns require less mowing than high-nitrogen lawns.

Chemical lawn care practices cause inefficient nitrogen usage because of micronutrient defic.

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