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laser engraver lens focus lens antworten

15mm diameter focus lens with a 1.5" or 38.1 mm focus distance . ... Special recommend for diy laser,mini laser head,stamp engraving laser(below 80w),etc.This would be a great 3000 3d laser engraving machine
lens for a co2 engraver or laser cutter, to focus the beam into a tight spot. We adopt the material ZnSe to produce which is same to the top...Type: Focus lens w/ imported material. Base: ZnSe. Focus: 50.8mm. Laser type: 10600nm CO2 Cutting: Good. 4mm acrylic, 10mm wood. Engraving: Very goodA laser engraver uses a highly concentrated beam of light to burn or cut into a ... Laser systems come equipped with a focus lens, but most manufacturers will...Manufacturer of Spare Parts And Accessories - Focus Lens for Co2 Laser Engraver & Cutter, Reflection Mirror for Co2 Laser Cutter & Engraver, Laser Marking...Hello, I'm currently working on a laser cutting extension for my Prusa ... For that purpose I ordered a metal and non-metal plexiglass laser cutter
445nm M140 laser diode (2w) with a G2 lens. ... focus distance/diameter I'm adjusting the lens with activated laser at lowest...12 Products ... Laser Engraving Machines ... Co2 Laser Focus Lens Dia 25mm. Model No. : MT-035 ... Singapore ZnSe Laser Focus Lens (D20, FL2''). Model No.May 17, 2013 ... Essential information about operating our LASER cutter and engraver. ... Place material to be cut/etched on honeycomb and focus lens; Close...Made-in-America Laser Lens American Photonics (APC) ZnSe Focusing Lens CO2 ... American 1000 watt fiber cutting machine
Photonics (APC) ZnSe Focus Lens for CO2 Lasers ... Lenses with small focal length are ideal for detailed engraving due to the smaller spot size.Scan Lenses for Laser Marking, Engraving, and Cutting Systems; 1064 nm Design Wavelength; Focal Length: 100 mm, 160 mm, or 254 mm; Galvo Mounting...

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