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26.12.2016 04:37
combination to implement antworten

guidance and industry of timber of beauty of help leaf part wove forest of body of attestation of manual of member of FSC forest attestation, combination manages attestation of composite planks in ireland agreement of attestation of plan, combination, combination to implement plan, print and distribute FSC forest attestation understands paper more than 2000, be aimed at FSC forest attestation 10 principles are made, collect arrange and print and distribute document of relevant system program 22 kinds of 500 more than page in all more than 40.

Bureau of forestry of foliaceous part division coordinates an organization each force takes an active part in attestation activity, come to project of price of wood plastic composite per sq ft FSC forest attestation to be publicized energetically as one Xiang Huinong job reach promotion.

Since this FSC forest attestation was started in July 2015 oneself, undertook special subject conference grooms twice, 3 period silvan management spot grooms, four-wheel management plan of attestation combine forest edits perfect, more than times 10 expert spot instructor seeks advice, last a period of time is close a year. Participate in attestation have 37 villages inside my area limits (company) combine of 66 young farmer and field of wood plastic deck products state-owned Lou Lin seeing a flower in all 67 combine, cover Lin Nong to amount to 10732, total attestation area is amounted to 5, 439.07 hectare.

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