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28.12.2016 04:20
Pandora Vintage Letter Charms Christmas Sale antworten

I’m not quite sure where the time has gone, but today’s the day – the Pandora Heart Flag Charms Cheap Winter 2016 collection is officially out worldwide! With some sparkling winter blues and cutesy red enamel, there are charms and jewellery to suit both elegant and festive designs. There are also a couple of new Pandora Disney beads making their debut in some regions.

This year’s Winter 2016 collection is pretty par for the course from Pandora Vintage Letter Charms Christmas Sale; it features the usual celestial and winter-themed blues and then some classic, cute Christmas reds. For a full preview and more live images, have a look through the Pandora Winter 2016 tag!

The UK soft-launched the Winter 2016 collections last week; I managed to make it to the store and I took some sneaky pictures of all the new jewellery so as to be able to talk you through what I liked and didn’t like! You can click to enlarge any of the images and zoom in on the jewelleryPandora Disney Charms Christmas Sale!

First up, we have the beautiful celestial beads. These are truly lovely in person, when you can truly appreciate the richness of the blues and the prettiness of the sparkle. The Crystalised Floral charm and dangle are *so* pretty in person, and the Night Sky charm and dangle are also rather nicePandora Safety Chain Cheap.

The jewellery that interests me most this time around, however, is the gorgeous Classic Christmas collection! Again, you can click on this image and zoom in on the jewellery. The ruby reds are so crisp in person. I was never really tempted too much by the Floating Locket necklace, but those Christmas Petites are so adorable – the Jolly Santa and the pavé snowflake look gorgeous together. The other bead that I really liked is the Shimmering Gift, which is very sweet in person – it’s a bit pricey for me, but so nicePandora Essence Charms Christmas Sale.

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