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28.12.2016 04:23
Pandora Starter Bracelets UK Sale antworten

Last year, I did a whole post on styling your charms for Halloween, showing off my own Pandora Leather Bracelets Sale UK Halloween leather bracelet. However, Pandora have not released anything new again, despite the requests of many collectors, so I don’t really have any changes to that bracelet to show you. :( What I thought I’d do instead is to review this rather cute little bead from the Autumn 2016 collection, and give both the review and the charm itself a little seasonal spooky twist with some Halloween styling inspiration at the end!

Plain silver, full-bodied animal charms like this one are a rare and rather treasured sight from Pandora Starter Bracelets UK Sale these days; often new animal beads will have pave or animal, or only feature the animal’s head in a rather cartoonish style. While this can be cute, it’s so nice to see some animals in a more classic style; the Charming Owls in particular is a bead that makes wonderful use of oxidised detailing. It is so shiny in person, and the contrast between that and the generous amount of oxidised detail is lovely.

The charm feels nicely like an older Pandora Bracelets With Charms Sale UK bead; it may be on the small side, but it feels solid, with a threaded core and a lot of detail. Some people have found the eyes a little creepy on this bead, but I don’t get that feeling with this charm at all! The eyes are hooded and nicely shaded, and the overall effect is rather sweet, I think.

It also has those traditional little Pandora details that really make their character beads for me – the owls’ feet are nicely defined, as are the mother owl’s tail feathers. The ALE mark is discreetly tucked beneath the charm, so as not to detract from the design.

First up, this is how I’m actually styling the Charming Owls: they’re going on my Flower Garden bracelet. This bracelet is almost finished; it’s a slightly unusual styling for me, as I’ve put all my murano glass in the centre section only. This is what I love about the threadless bracelet – it offers total flexibility in terms of spacing and sectioning off the bracelet. I would struggle to fit in all that glass on a regular 19cm braceletPandora Bangles UK Sale!

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