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The only permanent break up is one that happens when both parties move on. Couples manage to get back together all the time A.J. Bouye Texans Jersey , and being one of them is actually easier than you think. Make the right moves at just the right time, and you can fix any break up. But make the wrong ones, and you could push your exgirlfriend away from you.

Sometimes, getting your ex back after she dumps you means calling her bluff. By letting her understand she might just lose you for good, you can actually make your ex realize that she wants you back. This is an important part of re-establishing a new relationship: your girlfriend not only gets back together with you, but she does so thinking it\s her own idea. Any new romance you create will be stronger this way, because your ex got a glimpse of life without you – and realized she\d rather have you by her side.

If whatever you\ve been doing to get your ex back hasn\t been working, the guidelines below will help you. Fighting, arguing – if your ex broke things off due to those types of reasons, she\ll tell you she wants to be alone for a while. Roughly translated: she wants you to chase after her, begging her to reconsider, while she uses the break up as an excuse to decide if there\s someone better for her. This is where you need to be very careful with how you handle your actions. The circumstances surrounding your break up don\t really matter – it\s what you do afterward that\s key in deciding if you\ll date your ex again.

There are two main reasons a girl breaks up with you:

She Really Does Want To See Other People

This is the rarer of the two reasons, but it\s the one that\s harder to recover from. If your girlfriend already met someone else or has another guy in mind, she may feel guilty cheating on you. To avoid that guilt, she might break up with you to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side of the fence. And if that\s the case, she may ask for \a break\ instead of a breakup. This gives her free reign to go out and see if things work with this other guy, but to come back if it doesn\t.

She\s Fed Up and Wants a Change

If your girlfriend decides your relationship is getting stale, she might end things just to try and shake things up. Either you shape up or you ship out – either way, she gets the change she\s looking for. The only problem is that in this case Andre Hal Texans Jersey , the girl doesn\t usually want a break up at all. She wants you to modify your behavior in whatever direction she thinks will help her feel better about things. Maybe she wants more time with you, or maybe she wants more space – it doesn\t matter what she\s looking for, because as you beg and plead for your girlfriend back she gets to call all the shots.

Most men make the same old mistakes when it comes to losing a girlfriend. First, they try to talk the girl out of it. The longer you do this, the more of a gigantic power trip you\re sending your exgirlfriend on. As you shower her with cards, love notes, phone calls, emails, text messages and everything short of holding the radio outside her bedroom window, your ex is eating all this stuff up. She may or may not want to get back together with you, but as you show her a complete lack of respect for yourself, your girlfriend will quickly realize that your desperation has reached red-line levels. And as that happens, she begins to look elsewhere. Women want a man who\s strong and confident, not one they can walk all over.

Which leads to one of the best pieces of advice you can get after a breakup: Sometimes, you just have to call your girlfriend\s bluff.

Is your girl raging against every little aspect of your relationship? Let her do it. Does your girlfriend want time alone? Give it to her. Let your now exgirlfriend have all the space she needs, so by the time she looks around her bedroom late and night and realizes you\re not there, she\ll start wondering what she\s going to do with all that space. Your girlfriend should check her messages and find nothing from you. Her inbox should be empty. After several days of no contact, your ex will start to look at things a lot differently. By leaving her completely alone, you\ve given her time to really think about things… and miss you.

Now I\m not saying you should play games with your relationship Braxton Miller Texans Jersey , especially if you love your girlfriend. But in cases like this, where your girl is breaking up (or on the verge of it) with you, letting her go completely is often the only way to get her back. It\s hard to see your relationship when you\re looking at it from the inside… but by being apart, you\re both given a different perspective on things. Walk away, and both take a good look at what\s wrong and what\s right with your romance. Don\t fight her on the break up or try to get her to come back – she has to do that on her own if you really want a healthy future relationship.

Calling your girlfriend\s bluff like this is what will actually force her hand. When she realizes you\re not chasing her anymore, she has to look very carefully at what the both of you have. If she values it, or has love for you, she\s going to miss and want you back. This might not happen the first day, or even the first week… but if you can stay strong enough not to communicate with her, she\s going to get lonely and vulnerable. That\s when the late night phone call will come.

This method to getting your ex back provides you with the most control, dignity, and respect – for yourself, and from your ex. By looking at your romance from the outside in, without you trying to convince her to keep it going, any decision that your ex makes to get back together will come from within her own head. This is crucial for setting your new relationship up for success.

No matter what you do after your ex breaks up with you, the one thiJose Fernandez.

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