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Toni Kroos Doesnt Like Comparisons To Xabi Alonso - RealGM Wiretap
Toni Kroos has been compared to Xabi Alonso since they both play a holding midfield role and swapped clubs in the summer.

”I don’t like the comparisons with Xabi Alonso nike roshe two dames sale , although it’s true we’re not that different positionally," said Kroos. "We weren’t directly exchanged as players, Bayern made the decision to sign him because of the injury problems they were having.”

Kroos believes the mid-table clubs in La Liga are better than they are in the Bundesliga.

“I think I’ve adapted well in a short space of time. I feel like I’ve integrated well with the team, both on and off the pitch. I’m trying to learn Spanish little by little but I’m getting on fine with English at the moment.

“I think the smaller teams present a bigger challenge over here. I think there are better players here in Spain, but there are probably more dangerous teams back in Germany.”

Neuer Would Only Leave Bayern Late In Career - RealGM Wiretap

Manuel Neuer has given no thought to moving abroad for a new challenge now that he's won every major title for Bayern Munich.

Neuer is now 28 and will have Pepe Reina backing him up.

"Last season, until the end of March nike roshe two leer heren , we played the best football I've seen the club play and I want to continue to help Bayern progress," he told Kicker.

"I do not plan to move abroad. I could learn a new language one day, but this experience abroad can be done later.

"I would not rule it out, but at the moment I'm playing with one of the best teams, so I am in good hands."

锘? If you are a business seller, one of the most challenging aspects of the sale process is listening to a potential buyer tell you why your baby is not beautiful. It is hard not to take that personally. A friend of mine is selling her condo and laughingly tells me of a buyer that came in and rolled a tennis ball across her floor to demonstrate that it is not perfectly level and that this flaw should justify a lower sale price. As I said nike roshe two flyknit heren , she laughed about it and did not get upset because she recognized it for what it was, a negotiating ploy. Business sellers, however, have a huge emotional connection with their business. Their identity is intertwined with the business they have devoted years into building. These positioning statements by buyers often are interpreted as personal attacks or insensitive comments by someone that doesn't get it. Managing this process often is critical to maintaining a good buyerseller relationship and creating an environment where a deal is possible. Usually we schedule a conference call between buyer and seller after the buyer has reviewed the Offering Memorandum, Confidential Business Review, or "Book" that has been prepared for the business sale engagement. The reaction of the business seller as we debrief from such a call is often "a blow to the ego" nike roshe two nederland kopen , "why didn't he get that?", "he doesn't understand our business", or even "what a moron!" Below are some sample questions that demonstrate this approach from a buyer: Q: Why are the co-op advertising cost so high this year? Is it all Lowes? Q: There seems to be an unusually high level of product returns reflected on the 2007 YTD Financials. Please explain. Q: What caused your dip in revenue in 2006? Q: Your business seems to be concentrated in the United States. How much business is done outside the United States? Q: Generally the unions are very restrictive on the use of outsourcing. Is that the case with your company? Q: It looks like the majority of the business is originated by the owner. What happens if she leaves and how can we be protected? Q: Your order lead time is 6 months. Does that cause you to lose orders? Q: The US Auto market is in terminal decline. How do you see your future in that environment? Q: Cost pressures have reduced loyalty with your Big 3 captive customers. What effect is that having on margins? Q: Your company appears to have little or no relationshipsBrand identity in China limiting potential in a very large growth market. Can you comment on this? Q: Your licensing revenue accounted for close to $1 million in 2006. Are all of those licensing agreements expiring? These questions are meant to help the potential buyer really understand the seller's business and understand any issues that could impact the business in the future. The second not so subtle message is that we really understand the flaws in your company and we are going to manage your expectations and justify our less than generous offer. That is OK. Do they expect us to take this lying down? Two can play at that game, or whatever saying we can think of. But, we must counter punch and our defense generally takes the form of answers that either explain why a negative was a one-time occurrence or something we have already identified and have taken corrective action. Our second major counter to the negatives from the buyer is to demonstrate that we understand why they are an interested buyer in the first place and try to position our company as a strategic acquisition. Below is a sample communication back to the buyer after a conference call in which the buyer exercised his right to try to drive down our selling price: Subject: Thanks for the Great Questions on the Conference Call: Bill: Thanks to you, Jim and Brad for some very good Q&A. As our seller and I debriefed on the call we had a couple of observations: 1. Your team was obviously very sensitive to the big box retailers pricing pressure through your own personal experience. The XYZ Product is in a different stage of its product cycle then probably most of your line that is more mature. As you know and as XYZ Company is experiencing nike roshe two nederland sale , their marketing costs in the start-up and growth mode may be out of line with the expectations of a more matur.

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