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10.01.2017 09:16
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wood Markets Group 13:55-14:20: The exploration that Chinese lumber supplies and analysis Zhang Jiancheng, yi Mu supplies catenary to serve service platform 14:20 interlocution time diy wood dance floor in portable sections 14:35 tea rest time 15:00-15:25: The part in catenary is supplied service of electronic business affairs, L/C, banking in Chinese lumber Su Hui, jiangsu 10 thousand forest modern other people sheds limited company 15:25-15:50:

the effect that division of garden of Chinese haven industry develops to supplying chain Gu Zhenwu, industry of timber of pasture of the wife of a prince of Tang Shan Cao limited cheap vinyl deck railing company 15:50-16:15: Content sheds the part in serving a company to supply chain in lumber Ni Yanan, limited company of Shandong of the carry outside China 16:15 interlocution time 16:30

invite delegate of company of Home 4-5 industry to participate in discuss, include supplier of lumber of Chinese importer, processing factory, international, content to shed service company to composite material supplier wait a moment 17:05 conferences end 17:05 products reveal & business affairs to communicate & carouse 18:00 welcomes late banquet Join membership due to use Agenda arrangement Attend on September 20 conference .

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