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Bring Your Love Of Skulls To Your Personal Checks Bring Your Love Of Skulls To Your Personal Checks July 2 puma rihanna creepers pink , 2013 | Author: Alan Plastin | Posted in Finance
A glance around at the current styles will show that you skulls are everywhere. They are fashionable and trendy for both men and women and even though they used to be associated with grunge fashion, skateboarders, and alternative subcultures, now thanks to designers like Ed Hardy, skulls have become more mainstream. Skull ornamentation can be found on everything from jackets to handbags to plates and key chains.

If you are searching for a way to add flavor to your personal checks, and want to bring your love of skulls to your checkbook, then you can even find skull-themed checks. These are popular and far more appealing than your standard plain bank checks, and nobody will forget the check that you hand them.

When you think skulls, you might think morbid and gothic or you might think of the Halloween variety-complete with gangly skeleton and leering smile. However, there are some great looking skull checks that are made for those females, or males, that love their skulls with a bit of color, too. There is a little something for everyone out there.

One check series, for example, has a pattern of brightly colored skulls on a contemporary looking edgy background. Each skull is a different color, giving the checks an animated look and feel. Coordinating address labels and a matching checkbook cover are obtainable to go along with the checks, too.

For the girlie girl who loves skulls, there is even a check design series that contains an image of a smiling skull puma rihanna creepers uk sale , bright pink hair bow attached, plastered against a soft pink patterned background. These checks come in a series of four images, with each background being a different pattern, although the smiling skull remains the same. Each check that you write will have a different background than the one before it, giving you some variety.

Obviously, there are also check designs that do have the more bleak looking skulls, too. These are shown in bare black and white and might grab you if it is not the modishly panache, vibrant skulls of today that you prefer, but rather the chilling skulls of the past.

If you would like to order checks with skulls, then don’t forget that by purchasing them online you can save as much as 50% off the price that your local bank might have charged you. This could be an enticement to those who stayed away from getting checks in the past due to the expense and bother of making a special outing to the bank to order them. Both time and money can be saved when using a protected site.

It’s incredibly easy to order your checks online. You simply need to know your routing number and checking account number so that they can be printed onto the checks. You can usually expect to receive them in around 3-5 days.

Before you order skull checks, go to 123CheapChecks to get coupons and to save up to 50% off your next purchase of skull personal checks.

Jason Heyward Finding Swing With Cardinals - RealGM Wiretap

Jason Heyward, 25, was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals this past winter but he struggled the first two months of the season.

After working with hitting coaches and exercising repetition, Heyward has started to free himself and let loose production – right when the Cardinals have needed it most.

Only Randal Grichuk has a higher slugging percentage than Heyward's .526 this month and no Cardinal has a higher average than his .321.

"We're watching the fluid nature of his swing improve just as every aspect of his game seems like it's falling into a good rhythm," Mike Matheny said. "He looks free, less locked up. Hopefully, this is something that he can now build on. When he gets right, he's pretty impressive."

The Cardinals invested heavily in Heyward by trading two young starting pitchers puma rihanna creepers uk , including Shelby Miller, to Atlanta in hopes the right fielder would blossom.

"When a hitter looks like he's tied up at times it's not because the swing is changing, it's just not consistent," Heyward said. "It's not as consistent because you're not allowing yourself to have good timing with the swing. Absolutely when you're chopping groundballs like that it's rough. I felt like I was doing a lot of things on the way to the ball that I didn't want to and limited my ability to hit line drives somewhere. Being late to the spot is a huge part of that. You want to make them pay for their mistakes and at the time I wasn’t able to make them pay for their mistakes.

"You can't trust your hands, you stay through the zone and you don't have much plate coverage," Heyward concluded. "And then your strengths are not your strengths, and your weaknesses just become outs."

Chris Sale Defends Robin Ventura - RealGM Wiretap

Three weeks ago, the White Sox had a six-game lead in the AL Central Division. They woke up Sunday in third place, listening to cries for manager Robin Ventura's head.

Ace Chris Sale wants that talk to stop.

"I don't think he gave up any runs," Sale said. "I don't think he made any errors, and he's in the dugout the whole time. It's on us to win games. I understand people -- I'll keep it that -- want to point fingers and find blame. But at the end of the day it falls on the players. We have to find a way to turn it around. We're going to keep fighting. It will turn. We have too much morale, chemistry and too much talent. Just a rough patch."

Sandy Alderson Says Hes Back To Working 100 Percent - RealGM Wiretap

A little more than two months after collapsing at Citi Field, Sandy Alderson says he's back to working 100 percent.

Alderson later announced that he was undergoing treatment for cancer.

"I feel good, and things are improving," the general manager said. "It's nice to be back to a routin.

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