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15.02.2017 07:46
LED lights energy saving and life of various advantages embodied antworten

Energy saving, low cost: LED luminous efficiency of 80% to 90%, if we use our daily energy-saving lamps to fight for example, energy-saving lamps than energy-saving lamps 4/5, and energy-saving lamps than energy saving 1/4 In the car, the same daytime running lights, LED components, energy consumption is only 1/20 of the halogen. The cost of LED components has been greatly reduced year by year, and the current cost and price is still in the annual rate of more than 20% decline.  LED Light Bars Online Sale

Long life: LED components used in the car can basically reach the level of 50,000 hours, and well-known automotive lighting suppliers have been able to provide life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours of LED components, conversion, the equivalent of 11 years. Taking into account the use of light frequency, basically in the vehicle's design life, LED components do not need to be replaced. In contrast, xenon lamp life is only about 3000 hours. And LED to headlamps shape and lines become more abundant, the night of recognition is also higher. Best Deals LED Car Light at yitamotor Store

Good durability: LED components simple structure, impact resistance, shock resistance is very good, not broken, can be well adapted to a variety of environments. LED components small size, compact and easy to layout and design: This is a great advantage of LED, this advantage fully cater to the car manufacturers in the design of the evolution of demand, to break the lighting system in the past to create the shackles of innovation, let us have more Creative car products.

Fast response: LED lighting only microsecond level, used in taillights and turn lights can quickly light up to achieve better warning effect, used in the headlamps, compared to xenon and halogen headlamps have a higher Response speed, for traffic safety have a better protection. Low brightness attenuation: LED brightness is high, light brightness attenuation is much lower than the halogen lamp, suitable for lighting and brake lights, turn lights and other warning lights. Low-voltage direct current can drive, load small, weak interference, the use of low environmental requirements, good adaptability. Unlike the xenon lamp also need to boost device (high pressure package). 4D Lens 22 Inch Offroad Curved LED Light Bars

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