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Environmental construction - ecological architecture antworten

(1) ecological buildings are also known as environmentally friendly buildings, sustainable buildings. Ecological construction involves a wide range of multi-disciplinary, multi-type cross, is a comprehensive system engineering.
(2) The so-called ecological building, according to the local natural ecological environment, the use of ecology, the basic principles of construction technology and modern scientific and technological means, reasonable arrangements and organization of construction and other related factors, so that the building and the environment To become an organic combination, but also has a good indoor climate conditions and strong ability to adjust the biological climate to meet people living in a comfortable environment, people, buildings and natural ecological environment between the formation of a virtuous circle system.
(3) to architectural design as the focus, ecological buildings mainly as follows: the use of renewable energy such as solar energy, pay attention to natural ventilation, natural lighting and shade, to improve the use of a variety of green climate, in order to enhance the spatial adaptability of large span Light structure, water recycling, waste separation, handling and full use of construction waste.
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