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How to identify environmentally friendly materials antworten

Identification of home improvement wooden furniture, furniture, environmental protection, first of all to the nose of this off, take a piece of wood, in the side of the groove to smell something, if the furniture on the surface of the furniture and doors inside, if more pungent, indicating that the release of formaldehyde is relatively high , Is absolutely can not choose.
Just over the smell of this clearance is not enough, and then have to rely on further identification of the visual.
Method one: look at certification
Any wood, if the declaration of environmental protection must have the State Environmental Protection Administration of green building materials ten ring certification mark. While the wooden furniture is required to have China Quality Certification Center CQC furniture product certification.
Method 2: look at the report
Flooring and furniture business needs to provide more than the authority of the provincial testing reports. It is worth noting that the test report issued must be the quality of the sales department. In addition, furniture must provide product specifications, which is mandatory.
Method three: see grade
The formaldehyde emission of wood is a certain standard. Suitable for indoor use of wood is the national standard E1 level, that is, formaldehyde emission of 0.5mg / I ~ 1.5mg / I; and formaldehyde release of less than 0.5 mg / I E0 level standard is China's upcoming European standards, This kind of wood is the most environmentally friendly on the market, but the price is more expensive.
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