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Beach chair folding chair of the buying skills antworten

Beach chair folding chair to pay attention to the depth of the chair
In general, in a more formal occasion, the person's sitting is very straightforward, more people like to sit in front of the chair more "shallow" position. However, if at home, relax the case may sit deeper, the whole person as if into a chair. In the purchase time, you can sit and see, try to seat the whole body when the depth of the feeling, you can know whether it is both public and private needs.
Beach chair folding chair to buy to pay attention to the height of the chair legs.
If you have the habit of freeing hands with both hands, you may wish to choose a lower armrest or no armrest chair. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then the armrest is higher, the seat of the deeper chair, is probably the best choice.
Beach chair folding chair to buy to pay attention to the height of the back
For those who like "sat", in addition to the choice of no handrails, backrest stool, but also choose low handrails and low back chairs, then the occupants of the center of gravity will be placed on the human buttocks; if you like to focus on Back and therefore leaning on the back of the words, you may wish to choose the back of the higher chair, this time also can see whether the height of the back of the neck in the vicinity of the neck, sometimes high in the neck near the chair, but let the user habitually neck 90 degrees on the back of the angle, this way but easily lead to cervical injury.
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