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Application prospect of wood - plastic composite profile in military field antworten

Wood-plastic composite material (hereinafter referred to as wood-plastic materials) is based on renewable plant fiber as the main raw material, with a certain percentage of high molecular polymer base material, through physical, chemical and biological engineering and other high-tech means, with a special process A new multi - purpose new material for reversible recycling. Broadly speaking, the wood-plastic material has now become a variety of plant fiber materials, and even part of the inorganic raw materials as the matrix, and different polymer resin composite material from a new type of biomass material. Its emergence is not only conducive to alleviate the current global shortage of resources and recycling issues, more importantly, for the promotion of new materials and environmental protection industry play a better role model.
The most prominent feature of wood-plastic materials is that it also has the natural wood and resin materials, two different materials, the advantages of the basic material. Wood plastic materials compared with plastic, both in hardness, stiffness and other mechanical properties, or to prevent aging, deformation and other practical aspects. Have a considerable degree of improvement to improve. Wood-plastic materials can be made of various types of wood profiles, with good processing performance, can be sawing, planing, can be nailed, can bend and adhesion, with natural wood similar to the texture and performance, adding paint, Or film can be made into a variety of colorful fancy almost real wood, wood products. Wood-plastic material not only avoid the durability of natural wood is poor, flammable, easy to tide, perishable, easy to bite, easy to mold and not acid and other shortcomings, but also to avoid the simple plastic deformation of aging, high temperature creep, low temperature brittleness Deficiencies, with the flood does not rise, dry does not crack, from the fire that is off, to resist insects, durable, wide temperature range and other advantages. The use of waste can be recycled after the second use of renewable, as a class of eco-friendly environment-friendly materials, not only in line with the requirements of circular economy and low-carbon economy, but also in line with the military operations and rest of the multiple requirements.
At present, the application of more wood-plastic materials and products are structural, decorative, packaging and special types of several types of dozens of varieties, including wire, sheet, sheet, pipe, profiles and profiles and other series and Combination of products. From the development point of view, the scope of application of wood-plastic materials and products can cover almost all logs, plastics, steel, aluminum and other similar materials are now used in the field of construction, decoration, furniture, logistics, packaging, Municipalities, transportation, environmental protection, sports and other industries, used in wall panels, wall skirts, hoods, corridors, partitions, ceilings, fences, trestles, saunas, rest kiosks, garages, doors and doors, Sleeper, open platform, building templates, container panels, multi-functional wall partitions, highway noise walls, etc. It is understood that the current Chinese and foreign military systems are on the plastic materials for research work, but in general, wood plastic materials in the field of military applications there is still a lot of space. It is undoubtedly of great significance to study the application of wood-plastic materials in military field, whether from industrial development point of view or perfect military equipment construction.
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