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Paintball: It\s a lot more than a bunch of guys just shooting at each other in the woods. For those who\ve played paintball Marco Reus Dortmund Jersey , you already know that position and tactics are far more important than any other aspect of the game.

Many paintballers will tell you it\s all about the gun. They\ll point out the expert or veteran players who own high-end paintball markers with upgraded parts, electrostatic trigger systems, semi or even automatic fire. When compared to a rental Tippmann from your local paintball field or arena, it almost seems unfair.

Yet while these types of weapons can make playing paintball a lot easier, they don\t always make a bad player good. In other words, they can help even things out a bit, but nothing takes the place of really knowing how to play the game positionally. In that respect Marcel Schmelzer Dortmund Jersey , paintball is a lot like a really fast, really awesome game of chess.

Paintball Bunkers and Obstacles

Bunkers are pivotal; they determine the ebb and flow of a paintball game. Whether you\re playing capture the flag or any other game variation, the size and position of the bunkers is the single most important aspect of the paintball field.

You always want superior position when facing the enemy team. The way you do this is by taking (and holding) the most valuable bunkers. This requires teamwork and communication; everyone should pretty much know where they\re going and what they hope to accomplish by the time the whistle blows. If you\re all standing there shrugging at each other and not knowing what to do, your team\s going to get outflanked, outgunned, and outplayed.

Taking bunkers near the edges of the paintball field gives you a great bead on the middle or center. Taking the central bunkers or positions gives you good field control in general. Some of the best paintball tactics involve taking neighboring positions that can be used to defend each other. This means both you and your teammates are watching each other\s back, covering each other\s flank Marc Bartra Dortmund Jersey , and keeping the enemy from advancing forward to the point where they can shoot you from around or behind your cover.

High Ground vs. Low Ground

Paintball fields are not always level. If you can take a higher position than your opponent, it\s always advantageous to do so. Never take the high ground without proper cover, however. Always have a tree, bunker, or obstacle you can use to hide behind before running up that hill.

Always Work in Two\s and Three\s

Moving forward to take a position? Make sure your buddy or teammate has you covered. Paintball requires LOTS of teamwork, and if you\re running too far ahead or working solo you\re going to get shot out of the game very early on.

Someone should be firing on the enemy team whenever you\re advancing, especially those within range of hitting you. Even if your teammates can\t directly hit the opposing players Lukasz Piszczek Dortmund Jersey , they\re at least keeping them locked down in that bunker or behind that tree long enough for you to make your move. And if you\re fast enough? They won\t even see your advance, making them blind to you attacking them from that position.

Never Leave The Flag Undefended

Basic paintball strategy requires someone to hang back and guard the flag. Because if you don\t, some of the faster enemy players could easily sweep up the sides of the paintball field and take it without you even knowing what happened.

In general, paintball beginners will want to hang back for the first few games so they can get a feel for what\s going on. Assign them to the flag, and tell them to call back to you if they\re getting advanced upon. You can always rotate players who have flag duty from game to game, but some paintball players actually prefer this position.

Put your Fastest Players Forward

When the whistle blows, paintball players will rush to gain as much initial ground as possible. The furthest bunkers you can take will give you a much greater range over the rest of the field than the closest ones.

For this reason Julian Weigl Dortmund Jersey , put your lightest and fastest players into these assignments. They should be taking the middle of the field, or the far-reaching obstacles no matter where they are. The slower players can back them up from the rear positions, as can players with better guns that shoot further and straighter.

Check out How to Paintball for other great tips and tactics for beginners, experts, and first-time paintball players. There you\ll find over 20+ pages on exactly what to expect from a day of paintball!

Check out for other great tips and tactics for beginners, experts, and first-time paintball players. There you\ll find over 20+ pages on exactly what to expect from a day of paintball!

Author Bio: Check out How to Paintball for other great tips and tactics for beginners Jacob Bruun Larsen Dortmund Jersey , experts, and first-time paintball players. There you\ll find over 20+ pages on exactly what to expect from a day of paintball!

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