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Part of plete coverage on By Mark Milian Torry Holt Jersey , CNN updated 12:41 AM EST, Thu November 17, 2011 | Filed under: Web Google's Jamie Rosenberg announces the Google Music store and locker in Los Angeles. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Google opens a digital music store, and prices are parable to iTunes The pany is also opening Google Music, the storage service, to everyone in the U.S. Google Music will be free for storing as many as 20,000 songs per aount (CNN) -- Google opened an online music store and a free Web storage locker on Wednesday for listening to trks from puters, tablets and phones, the pany announced at a news conference in Los Angeles. The music store sells songs and albums for prices parable to iTunes and Amazon MP3 Joe Namath Jersey , but Google's catalog is smaller. The storefront can be found in the Android Market, an application and website where Google smartphone users can download apps. Songs purchased from the store are automatically uploaded to Google Music, a locker that can be aessed from an app ing to recent Android phones and tablets in the next few days, or from a website. They allow users to stream songs from their various devices. The Google locker service launched to a small group in May, and it opened to everyone in the United States on Wednesday. Google Music is free for storing as many as 20,000 songs. More than half of all smartphones sold worldwide in the last quarter run Google's Android sofare, aording to market research firm Gartner. Google said more than 200 million devices have been tivated. But in the music download market, Apple is king, selling more than half of all U.S. downloads through its iTunes Store Nolan Cromwell Jersey , analysts say. Apple took steps to broaden its offering with the belated launch of iTunes Match on Monday. ITunes Match is similar to Google Music in that it allows custors to store their music catalogs, up to 25,000 songs, on Apple's servers and aess them from their puters, iPhones and iPads. Match costs $25 per year. Google executives announce the Google Music store and locker at a news conference in Los Angeles. "At Google, digital music has bee fundantal to many things we care very much about," Jamie Rosenberg, Google's director of content for Android, said onstage at the news conference. "Other cloud music services think you have to pay to listen to the music you own. We don't." ITunes Match has a technological leg up on Google because subscribers can upload their libraries much more quickly. That's thanks to Apple's deals with the music labels that allow it to provide custors with aess to the high-quality versions of songs that iTunes sells. With Google Music or Amazon.'s Cloud Drive Jack Youngblood Jersey , users with a lot of music may have to wait several days for their entire catalogs to upload. The iTunes Store has about 20 million songs, whereas Google has 8 million. Google has signed deals download free music online onto itunes with three of the big four record labels. Warner Music Group, the third largest, whose musicians include Death Cab for Cutie, the Grateful Dead, Muse and T-Pain, is a holdout. Even without Warner, Google said it download mp3 for free on mobile will add 5 million songs over the next several months. Custors of T-Mobile USA's cellular work will be able to charge songs to their phone bills rather than setting up a Google aount with a credit card. After buying a song through Google Music, custors can are the trk on the Google+ social work. Not surprisingly Marshall Faulk Jersey , Google Music will not integrate with Febook Music, the aggregation service that launched recently where can i download music to my mp3 player from Google's social-work rival. Google touted that, unlike other music stores, people who find songs through Google+ will be able to listen to eh one in full for free one ti before they buy. ITunes only provides 90-second previews. Google has also secured exclusive aess to live records from popular bands including Coldplay and the Rolling Stones. Apple is still the only music-download store that has the Beatles. 1.When approhed by that inevitable soone while on that road that says sothing like, "I bet it gets solonely on the road," in a really seductive voice, possibly while stroking your bicep longingly, the best defense is a good offense. Take it as an opportunity to whine about how much you miss your significant other, and how they would never cheat on you while you are away. So of course you would never even consider cheating on them!2.Are hand jobs cheating? Consider lowering your standards of what constitutes cheating. How could a happy ending ever be sad? In all seriousness Eric Dickerson Jersey , having a real discussion of what is permissible on the road with your significant other is the best way to create boundaries of what behavior would be hurtful with your partner.3.Try being more anti-social. If you lower the quantity of opportunities for indulgence, keeping it in your pants could have a higher suess rate.Abstentionfrom social tivities like seeing how many drinks it takes before you strip, and run out in public will have similar faithfulness inducing benefits as well. If you aren't tired, but the ow is over, and you really ould get so rest, trying using so sleep ti supplents (latonin, diphenhydramine, or lunesta.) You're a musician, why not download music iPod Zac Stacy Jersey , and get all self-absorbed listening to your own album you bought oniTunes?4.You could always try using your religion to stay faithful on the road as well. Boring, I know. If you are aChristian rock bandlike Petra this might sound way more appealing though. However, if you're in a Thelemic tal band like Behemoth this has totally different implications, I'd imagine. Either which way there is always the chance that whatever your brand of temptation you could find refuge in the belief system you have constructed for yourself. This probably seems like a no-brainer, but this guide is all about positive re-enforcent. Whether your faith only consists

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