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Organizational Rankings- 218 antworten

Today, we round out the bottom five within our organizational rankings series. And, for anyone who havent seen the first four parts (that are linked below), keep in mind that this can be a forward looking exercise we're evaluating clubs on their overall capability to contend for a World Series title later on. We aren't evaluating the way they have performed historically. This is one of the health of each organization going forward.
Rankings So Far
#30: Washington Nationals#29: Florida Marlins#28: Houston Astros#27: Might Royals
#26: Pittsburgh Pirates
Ownership: B-
Under that old Kevin McClatchy regime, the Pirates were about as poorly run as any team in baseball. However, with Robert Nutting taking over the franchise in 2007 and bringing Frank Coonelly directly into serve as the team president, the team has made significant strides in investing in the franchise by having an eye Telvin Smith Jersey towards winning. Their stadium is among the nicest hanging around, and with a winning product, should support a mid-level payroll. It will require a while to undo the disaster that was the McClatchy era, but the new ownership group is on the right path.
Front Office: B-
Among a Cleveland front office brimming with talent, Neil Huntington was usually the forgotten man, living in the shadow of Chris Antonetti. However, since being hired because the Pirates GM, hes shown that hes brought a lot of valuable knowledge about him in the Indians model, and has worked extensively to upgrade the Pirates making decisions proce ses. From hiring analysts like Dan Fox to modernizing the databases they have to compile information, Pittsburgh designed a 180 degree turn where these were under previous administrations. The Pirates were in rough shape when he took control of, so a fast reload was unthinkable, but Huntington has got the Pirates headed in the right direction.
Major League Talent: D
When the Pirates decided that they didnt want to invest in a long term deal for Jason Bay, they traded the only real player on the roster who is a star. The rest of the talent is Calais Campbell Jersey really a combination of average-ish role players who'll keep the team from being awful but wont push it towards contention. Players like Adam LaRoche, Freddy Sanchez, Nate McLouth, Paul Maholm, and Ryan Doumit are valuable enough players, although not the type of Justin Blackmon Jersey championship core that you could build a winner around. Theres just limited upside with practically everyone on the roster, and while Huntington has been doing a good job obtaining cheap stopgaps to carry down the fort until they develop some long-term solutions, a roster filled with +1 to +2 win players isnt a foundation for very long term succe s.
Minor League Talent: C
In contrast towards the major league roster, theres quite a bit of upside on the farm. Pedro Alvarez is one of the games best young hitters and worth every penny the Pirates paid him. Andrew McCutchen combines solid-enough offense with higher defense in center field, and Jose Tabata intrigues together with his offensive potential at such a young age. However, with higher reward often comes higher risk, and all this option po se s some inquiries to answer will Alvarez stay in adequate shape to be a reasonable defensive player? Can McCutchen hit for enough capacity to put some fear into opposing pitchers? Can Tabata put together a performance worthy of his tools for a full season? The star potential is unquestionably welcome, however the system is a bit thin on sure things (apart from Alvarezs bat) and is a little without depth.
Overall: C-
For Pirates fans, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. The problem, though, is that the tunnel offers some miles long because of the brutal work done by the prior front office. While the new ownership and organizational philosophies should eventually result in the Pirates returning to respectability, they simply Jermey Parnell Jersey dont have a lot on hand to work with. Patience is going to be required of Pirates fans, because a real contender isnt within the cards for the next couple of years. But, having a strong blueprint in place, after they get good, they could stay good for quite a while.

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