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03.11.2017 10:42
How's the factors that the printer can not run? antworten

There are six factors may cause the printer can not run as follows:

1, the nozzle chip is bad. There is no ink on the samsung cartridge when the contact is good, the ink is always the ink has been flash. Then check the cartridge is plugged in. This is a common problem I encountered.

2, the computer suddenly crash it will not print, or print the file is not complete. Restart the computer. (Hint: the printer is eating memory, I am now 1G, basically normal)

3, part of the sensor is not in place. (Such as CD bracket) printer is not only one sensor, there are many. At least two or more of these two sensors, one of which is not closed, it will not work properly.

4, print to the upper limit. (Need to clear) General desktop machines need to use the software cleared, the printer and the counter and record your number of prints. Large number of sheets of the printer on the "can not work." But clear It will be able to work. This depends on the printer may be. There will always be a prompt. Say you have printed to the service life.

5, check the line. Sometimes the line is not good contact with dust or foreign matter. Detecting the printer is the line barrier.

6, usually in the paper (the right side of a sensor) paper is not in place. No pressure to the sensor. Large format of the laser probe. See if the paper is flat. Unsafe is not print. Whether the paper is neat.

In the use of color ink cartridges (the same body of ink cartridges) process, pay attention to the use of balanced tone, do not just focus on a color image. As long as the tn420 runs out of a color, the cartridge is inherited even if the other colors are not used up.

In general, the higher the resolution of the printed image, the more ink used. Light-colored consumes less ink, bright red or blue color requires more than one basic color, and therefore need to consume more ink. The quality of the cartridge is related to the fact that the printhead is not clean or not cleaned.

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