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The main motivation for shopping like this is saving money. When you can buy a hundred-dollar coat for fifteen or a forty-dollar pair of shoes for three, it’s great. People with a good sense of style and an idea of size can afford to outfit their whole family.

Some second-hand stores are run by non-profit organizations that depend on donations. Others are consignment shops that return a portion of the selling price to clients. People donate clothing and household items for tax deductions or to support good causes. They clean out closets to make way for new styles. They may need to dispose of the contents of a house after the death of a parent or other family member.

Moving is a good time to dispose of ‘clutter’ that you don’t want to pack. The funny thing is that there are others who can’t wait to take those same items home with them. Stores weed out damaged or outworn items, so what’s on the racks or the shelves is usually eminently usable. The staff often makes a real effort to organize things to make shopping easy and pleasant.

There’s a certain sense of excitement to ‘thrifting’, since you never know what you’ll find. It’s often surprisingly easy to get exactly what you went for, but you also may find stuff you didn’t know you needed. You may go down for a winter coat or a summer gardening hat and come home with that item plus a book or two, a pair of sunglasses, and a picture frame.

Most stores have fitting rooms Cheap Lorenzo Pellegrini Jersey , so you can try on clothes before you buy, and many have return policies. This is great for times when you’re buying for family members who are not along to try things on. You will generally need your receipt and have to return items within a proscribed time frame.

It’s entirely possible to get a whole wardrobe for what you might pay for one outfit at the mall. You also may find things from big-city stores or exclusive catalogs at a fraction of the original price and a lot closer to home. You can find small items for stocking stuffers or a perfect gift. It’s like a treasure hunt every time, with all the thrill of beach combing or panning for gold.

With over 100,000 residents, Everett has many donors or consignors to keep the thrift stores full for those who need to save money or just love poking around to see what they’ll find. The city of Seattle is about twenty-five miles away, so all the wares of that metropolitan area could be sifting down to the not-new shops near you.

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