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VENICE Nike Air Max 98 Kopen , Italy, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- Within the old buildings ofthe Lazzaretto Vecchio, audience members of the Venice FilmFestival patiently queued to watch a screening.

The Lazzaretto -- an abandoned 15th-century leper colony openfor the first time to the festival -- looked more like an artgallery than a cinema facility.

Yet, it was here where a competitive section devoted to virtualreality (VR) works of the 74th edition of the festival was setup.

With 22 titles in the competition, the VR program offeredvisitors three different areas to experience the new technology:first, a 50-seat theater where they could enjoy screenings onrotating white chairs allowing for a 360-degree view. Secondly,oculus stand ups to watch interactive works; and finally Nike Air VaporMax Kopen ,installations.

Some 3,000 visitors were registered up to Sept. 4, according tofestival organizers.

Venice has thus become the first major film festival in theworld to include such a large and competitive program of VRworks.

Besides the experience itself, it opened a space to discuss whatVR means for the cinema industry, whether it would represent itswhole future, a part of it, or a new kind of medium overall.

"For me Nike Air Max 360 Kopen , virtual reality is clearly a new way of expression,"French author Mathieu Pradat told Xinhua after the screening of hisshort film "Proxima."

"When watching VR, you are not totally an actor inside themovie, but neither a passive spectator (as in a traditionalmovie)," he said. "It is a kind of in-between media form; but it isclearly not cinema, it is not the pure art of the frame."

Proxima, a 9-minute VR experience featuring French actor FabriceAdde Nike Air Max 97 Gold Kopen , has the texture of a dream.

There is a naked man emerging from water, and a vibrant lightfollows, which he would never come to reach.

"The concept of the work comes from an old daydream about thefeeling I sometimes have of being able to understand the universe,"Pradat explained.

"Yet, it is just an instant; whenever I try to put my mind onthis, it immediately vanishes."

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