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CHICAGO claquette puma femme fourrure pas cher , Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- The justice system plays a crucial role in meting out punishments to underpin democracy. So when a grand jury declined to indict white police officer Darren Wilson who shot dead an unarmed black teen Michael Brown, the whole controversy around the incident should have been settled.

But on the contrary, the ensuing disturbing scene of an outraged public crying foul nationwide as well as outspoken criticisms from other judicial experts and staff indicated a rather uncomfortable truth happening in America, a democracy with a propensity to blame others for being undemocratic: the acquittal of Wilson was unjustified.

While Brown's death has become a symbol of simmering mistrust and racism puma the fur slide pas cher , the recent ruling not to indict Wilson made a mockery of a justice system that apparently lacks justice.

According to the initial police interview, Wilson encountered Brown only to ask the latter to walk on the sidewalk. And Wilson explicitly said he started the conversation politely.

However, in the grand jury interview later, Wilson shifted the reason for the fatal encounter claquette puma fourrure pas cher , claiming that he stopped Brown because he spotted marijuana leaves on the victim's socks.

It should also be pointed out that this was not the only inconsistency in Wilson's testimonies, which must have played a crucial role in the prosecution process.

Another suspicious inconsistency was in Wilson's recount of his shootings. In the police interview, Wilson said he forgot how many shots he fired. Neither did he remember where the shootings occurred.

However, during his grand jury testimony puma fierce core rouge , he was able to pin down each shooting with confidence and described how a fierce-looking Brown even charged towards him after being shot.

We would never know what are behind these inconsistencies since there will be no trial. But the fact that no justice will be done to another black man shot dead by police is both saddening and frustrating.

Such a justice system reveals the hypocrisy of the country touting itself as a human rights defender and judge.


TENNIS Australia said yesterday “bad boy” Nick Kyrgios will seek a reduced ATP ban and see a sports psychologist to avoid a longer suspension.

The ATP has ordered Kyrgios to see a sports psychologist or face an eight-week ban after his tantrum at the Shanghai Rolex Masters last week.

A TA spokeswoman said Kyrgios had agreed to seek help, but the 21-year-old’s season was over once the reduced three-week ban expires on November 7. “We have spoken to his management and Nick has agreed to seek the help of a sports psychologist and will now be available to play in the Hopman Cup in early January,” she said.

The Hopman Cup mixed teams event is in Perth from January 1-7 ahead of next year’s opening grand slam the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 16.

Kyrgios has apologized for his controversial on-court behavior after the ATP hit him with the conditional eight-week ban and further fines yesterday. The tennis tour organizers added US$25,000 to a US$16 puma fierce core noir ,500 penalty ordered last week and said the eight-week ban would be reduced to three weeks if he “enters a plan of care under the direction of a sports psychologist, or an equivalent plan approved

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