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The services of WS&L [Weiss , Spencer & Levin] are highly valued due to its renowned expertise in the thorough collection of unpaid freight bills. WS&L has been an important player in protecting and securing the interests of motor carriers since 1989. The role of WS&L has been recognized as vital in many significant cases in obtaining payment from shippers and receivers after the broker or freight forwarder filed bankruptcy. WS&L represents a range of clients as diverse as individual owner operators to huge trucking corporations and factoring companies involving a multitude of issues that arise from providing transportation services. WS&L services are distinguished by their diligence, excellence, and professionalism in accordance with their legal forwarding program.

The scope of WSL include: person to person contact will be made with the client’s debtor by WS&L’s DOT-FMCSA Specialist; authority check for insurance and security bond trust fund compliance; UCC-1 search[s], Skip Tracing, Fast-Trac collection system; access to WS&L’s world class legal forwarding program that consists of the elite transportation attorneys in the US , Canada and Mexico and; on and off site seminars on 鈥淧rotecting your Interests Post ICCTA of 1995.鈥?WS&L also subscribe to the Columbia Law List, The Forwarders List of Attorneys, the American Lawyers Quarterly and the National List of Attorneys.

WS&L clearly stands out in the industry. They have an impressive network of top notch North American transportation attorneys. Thus, WS&L has been able to achieve the best deals with each firm, which then benefits their clients. Most collection agencies , law firms and consultants upon collecting the client’s freight bills will hold the money for 60 to 120 days and some indefinitely. WS&L believes this is simply unacceptable. WS&L is the one and only freight bill recovery firm that have an immediate pay policy. Once WS&L collects the client’s freight charges, they immediately release the client’s money which is obviously of significant advantage to the client.

Price is always a factor in making any business decision but it is not necessarily the sole determining factor. Therefore, selecting a collection agency based upon the lowest fee charged may not be the best choice. One should remember the old adage; “You get what you pay for.” Low collection rates of unpaid freight bills often result in an agency scaling back its collection efforts. On the other hand, WS&L is best known for recovering over $19 million worth of unpaid freight charges on behalf of trucking companies, after truck brokers went out of business andor filed bankruptcy. WS&L has the resources , including its expert legal team to handle cases of varying complexity and circumstances on behalf of their clients including third party freight bill recovery, FMCSA and NAFTA matters.

WS&L is proud of their strictly a no collection, no fee policy! WS&L requires no up-front fee and non recovery of the client’s money means there is no fee.

WS&L corporate offices are located at 3170 North Federal Highway, Suite 100, Lighthouse Point , Florida with telephone number: 954-941-6633; fax: 954-783-7070. The client may email them at info@wslfreigthclaim. For more information on effective collection of unpaid freight bills, visit their website at WSLFreightClaims.

WSL represents motor carrier clients ranging from individual owner operators to major transportation and factoring companies in various different aspects of issues that develop in providing transportation services. For more information about the company, please go to www.WSLFreightClaims.

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 27 (Xinhua) -- Football's governing body FIFA said it is still seeking guarantees that temporary structures will be built in time for the opening World Cup match at Sao Paulo's Itaquerao stadium on June 12.

In a press conference in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke admitted time was running out for a funding deal to be struck between local government officials and developer Odebrecht.

"Tomorrow we will have a solution. I am confident about Sao Paulo because they have a great developer in Odebrecht , which will deliver everything," Valcke said.

Brazil's sports minister Aldo Rebelo said the federal government was involved in the discussions.

"We are working so that the prefecture, the state government and the owner of the stadium can reach an agreement," Rebelo said.

The Itaquerao, which will host six World Cup matches , has been given an April 15 deadline for the completion of construction work.

Among the stadium's temporary structures are 20,000 seats which raise the venue's capacity to 68,000.

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