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5. You tube was flooded with requests to see Devin Hestor following a tackle in the Eagles game of Week eleven in which his ass was exposed to the country. Not for the first time has the National Football League made the headlines for a little state of undress.

6. The Indianapolis Colts and Saints both began the regular season perfect with records of thirteen and 0 respectively. It marked the first point in time 2 teams had been able to obtain such records in the same season in NFL history. A dream contest in the Super Bowl in Miami florida resulted with the Saints winning their first ever Super Bowl trophy.

7. The National Football League had cause to look beyond Detroit for the award of league laughing stocks. Three predominantly useless teams were able to share that shameful crown. As you probably know I am of course talking about Cleveland Womens Jonathan Toews Jersey , Oakland and Kansas City.

8. 0910 was the year National Football League fans had to experience watching football without the throaty tones of the illustrious John Madden. The large man hung up his mic before the regular season got under way and football lost a major authority. Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels, whilst terrific in their own way, will in no way quite fill the void.

9. Brett Favre proved a point to ageist critics far and wide by reserving one of the finest seasons of his career by leading the Minnesota Vikings to a Division Title. Pretty good going if you bear in mind the guy is more or less double the age of some rookie's.

10. 0910 proved to be the season that reason was thrown out the window as two teams tried to compete with only one proper player on each of their teams. It must have been a lonely reality indeed for Joshua Cribbs and Steven Jackson at the Browns and Rams respectively.

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