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锘? A decade ago few considered Poland as a place to spend their
holidays. In 1999 it was voted 'Most Popular Cultural
Destination' by readers of the Sunday Times but this did not
lead to any major influx. In reality tourism actually
dropped after Poland joined the EU in 2004 although most of
this was to do with visiting Germans who had previously
crossed the border in search of goods that could be bought
VAT free.

By 2006 the country had bounced back becoming Europe's 7th
most popular tourist destination and attracting one million
more leisure visitors than Greece. The number could be much
higher but the infrastructure is not yet in place to allow

Specifically the country is woefully short of hotels. Poland
has 35 hotel rooms per ten thousand inhabitants. It's a
strange yard stick but one used when comparing countries for
research purposes. Using the same measure the Czech Republic
has 221 hotel rooms Thomas Vermaelen Camisetas , six times more than it's northern
neighbour and providing a clear indication of how much
Poland needs to do if it's tourism sector is to grow.

But change is afoot with companies such as the Orbis group
planning forty-five new establishments. By 2012 it is
estimated there will be a further 560 new hotels across the
nation providing welcome relief to a long standing

As an investor the question has to be, where should you buy
in order to get in on the action and take advantage of this
predicted growth?

Magazines have often pointed to Gdansk and Zakopane as the
tourist hotspots that foreign buyers should focus on. There
is some truth in this. Both have well developed networks of
English speaking developers and estate agents which makes
buying and letting straight forward.

The local government in Gdansk has stated it wants to
redevelop sixty percent of the city and changes in
infrastructure will bring capital gain. 580 kilometres away
in Zakopane authorities have moved the other direction
placing a freeze on all new planning applications. Rising
demand and limited supply are good news for property values.

But trailblazers don't follow the crowd. The easier it is to
buy, the more foreign investors will own a property in your
neighbourhood. So where do they look? Where are the Gdansk
and Zakopane of the future?

With so much of Poland suitable for tourism the choices are
wide and varied but perhaps two places stand out - Roztocze
and Chelmno.

Roztocze in Lubelskie is an area of outstanding natural
beauty and a protected national park. This swathe of forest,
lakes Adriano Camisetas , and meadow land includes medieval towns, cities and a
spa resort, all of which already draw domestic tourists in
large numbers.

In the future there will be an international airport two
hours drive to the North and there is already one an hour
away at Rzeszow in the South.

Some have speculated that in 2012, as football fans travel
back and fourth between the Ukraine and Poland Sergi Roberto Camisetas , Roztocze
will suddenly be discovered and catapulted into the top
European destination list for tourists.

At the moment it has a fairly disjointed infrastructure with
horse riding, canoeing, cycling and a wealth of other
activities on offer but only if you know where to look for
them and can speak a little Polish. The area is also
woefully short of hotels and tourist accommodation, which is
good news for those thinking of investing in these fields.

Roztocze is a maybe Jordi Alba Camisetas , but it is a maybe with all the building
blocks in place to make it more probable than not.

Chelmno is definitely an off the beaten track choice. This
small, walled medieval town sits on a hill overlooking a
vast Northerly plateau in Kujawsko-Pomorskie. Its period
buildings are faded with paint flaking from the window
frames and all around there is an air of glory days now
past. But this town has all the hallmarks of a future
hotspot and if one day you would like to look down from your
balcony onto a street with tourists who "wished they had
bought when it was really cheap" make tracks for this
provincial gem waiting to be dusted off.

Poland's ability to charm, entertain and stun the leisure
visitor is well known to those who have been but the tourist
numbers of today are expected to grow substantially as word
spreads. There is however a cautionary note. Investors who
stray from the well known resorts should remember they will
be dealing with an undeveloped infrastructure and a language
barrier but this is exactly what those who bought in Gdansk
and Zakopane had to contend with a decade ago and this is
exactly why they made the most substantial profits out of
For more info click on http:www.NativePoland
Author's Resource Box

Tim is Mamdoms Operations Director managing a team of consultants who help foreign buyers identify and purchase suitable Poland property opportunities for investment, development and relocation. As well as speaking regularly at seminars on the Polish real estate market his comments are often quoted in the domestic and international press.
For More Information: http:www.NativePoland
Email: nativepoland@bookshaker

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