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24.05.2016 10:07
Excavators maintenance in severe environment antworten

Excavators maintenance in severe environment

Every excavator operator will sometimes have to encounter severe conditions during work like bad weather or extreme jobsites, thus should be well prepared to know how to keep the Compact Excavator at its best in the following severe environment.

Most commonly, when working in rainy or snowy days, or running an excavator around muddy water, operator must remember to clean the digger, lubricate all the joints, and check out if any parts are damaged or loosen.

If excavators are used in sea water, operator has to wash the parts immersed in salt water with clean water, in particular to see whether the electric system is rusted or not. Next, to protect the exposed metal parts of excavator with oil, all the devices, components and parts of Midi Excavator shall be lubricated. Any problem must be handled in time otherwise excavator’s operation will be greatly affected by sea corrosion.

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