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12.06.2016 11:24
SY245H-high quality of mine hydraulic excavator antworten

SY245H is a new kind of mine hydraulic Heavy Excavator product. Sany has designed it for small and medium mining heavy working conditions, and aims to improve customer investment. Compared with other brands, it has many features such as extended endurance, superior performance,low maintenance costs,easy access to management, andhigh adaptability.

Through 15 years of accumulation,relying on Sany's Large Excavator design experimental system,the service life of SY245H in mine working condition exceeds 15000h, 20% higher than ordinary excavators.

Withstructural optimization design,stress test,weld and plate research and some other advanced methods,Sany improves the service life of the key structure and reduces the rate of failure to 5%.

SY245H's core components consist of a main pump,a main valve, an oil cylinder, and a reducer. Depending on the core components durability test systemand cooperating with famous international research institutions, Sany devotes himself to research on core components and improvescore components service life. The Oil cylinder,reducer and other hydraulic components must reach the industry standard before being used.This can ensure components service life 30% higher than the ordinary brands.Large Excavators

SY245H's main valve is KMX15RB/b45217a-v valve, it is designed on the basis of the original KMX15RB upgrade optimization, it has high reliability, small pressure loss and high flow distribution efficiency, and smooth action compound and other advantages to help customers easily solve heavy work.

SY245H's engine is D06FRC engine, in line with the three emissions standards.The emissions torque is 20% larger than foreign brands in general. It is powerful tobe suitable for mining high torque operations. Pile Driver

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