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Flange Feature antworten

Flange (flange also known as flange or flange. Is tube and pipe interconnecting parts connecting to the pipe end. There are perforations on the flange can be worn bolts, so that the two flanges tightly connected. Gasket between flanges seal pipe flanges (flanged pipe fittings) refers to the tube with a flange (flange or disk access) of it is made by casting, can also be screwed or welded constitute flange coupling (flange, joint) by a pair of law Lan, a washer and a number of bolts and nuts. spacer placed between two flange sealing surface, tighten the nut, than the pressure on the gasket surface after deformation reaches a certain value, and fill the sealing surface uneven at the coupling does not leak tight. some fittings and equipment already comes with flange, also belongs to the flange connection flange connection is an important connection pipeline construction.Stainless steel bar sizes

Flanged easy to use, able to withstand greater pressure. In industrial pipe, flange connection using a very wide range. Within the family, the pipe diameter is small, and low pressure, invisible flange connection. If a boiler room or production site, everywhere flange connection pipe and equipment.Does Stainless Steel Contain Aluminum

Popular speaking, the role of the flange is such that the pipe connection at a fixed and sealed.large discount stainless steel round bar for sale

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