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16.06.2016 05:44
cleaning the pvc floor antworten

First, pollution treatment
PVC ink stain on the floor, food, greasy, etc. should be wiped off the dirt, then scrub with diluted traces of detergent, you can use the veil dip scrub pine perfume when printing black shoes it is difficult to remove the residual, non-pine fragrance will fall on the floor cleaning after the scrub to make wax conservation.outdoor bench plans with deck lumber Hungary .
Second, note
Floor cleaning can not be used to clean the ball, knife scratches, dirt can not use conventional methods, consult the relevant stakeholders cleaning, not indiscriminate use acetone, toluene and other chemicals.
Third, chemical protection
Avoid large amounts of water for a long time stuck in the floor surface, especially wood block flooring, homogeneous body floor, plywood for plastic laminate application agent Kenya .water soaking the floor for a long time, may seep under the floor so that the floor peptized lose adhesion, may also make the floor surface protection floor wax water stratification caused by pollution may also cause water to penetrate into the interior floor floor discoloration.
Fourth, sun protection
Avoid direct exposure to bright light, good floor put ultraviolet radiation, prevent floor discoloration, fading.
Fifth, gravel protection
Should use PVC floor RATE door, the entrance hall is placed a protective mat gravel, sand and gravel into the room to prevent the shoes will scratch the surface of the floor.Best Composite Pressure Treated Wood Decks Install Patio.
Six periodic floor maintenance
PVC floor cleaning use mild detergent, not using a strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents to clean the floor, do regular cleaning and maintenance work.

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