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16.06.2016 10:44
Sany Excavator SY75C-9 antworten

Holding 30% of the market share, Sany SY75C-9 has been sales championfor four successive years among the Small Excavator with the same tonnage. Equipped with the engine matching with EuropeⅡstandard and adopt newly controller, which can accurately control the fuel ejecting in real time, SY75C-9 has features of higher efficiency and lower consumption.

Equipped with DOMCS dynamic optimizing smart control system and fully-new hydraulic system, SY75C-9 can use the output power of the engine to the maximum, which makes the machine Midi Excavator faster and more durable. SY75C-9 also has high stability since enhanced X frame and strengthened working device are installed, which can extend the life of structural parts to 10%.

Weighing 7.5 tons, Sany SY75C-9 belongs to small excavator, however, the power of its engine reaches 40.9 kw, therefore, it is called “ small body with great power”.SY75C-9 adopts SLSS hydraulic system designed by international team, which makes the machine flexible and good at micro-movement. Road Machine

The enhanced working device and strengthened X chassis greatly improve the safety and reliability of SY75C-9. In addition, this machine has 8 types of optional buckets, improving the adaptability to various constructions.

What is more, the operating environment of SY75C-9 is optimal. The cab design has passed FOPS/TOPS state compulsory certification, the operator can be safe even the cab were shocked by heavy object weighing 227kg falling from 5.2 meters high. The sun-shading curtain protects the operator from the burning sun. The comfortable mechanical suspension chair can be adjusted according to the operator’s weight, which alleviates shaking and gives the driver a good rest.Heavy Excavator The extended handle matches with ergonomics, which can be operated easily and alleviate fatigue.

Sany SY75C-9 is easy to maintain, with the large area covering parts including air filter, fuel pre-filter, engine oil filter and pilot filter can be approached easily and changed conveniently. Motor Graders

The fuel consumption of SY75C-9 is 10.9% lower than that of the competitor, and the efficiency can be improved by 7.7%, which can save nearly 1,000 RMB per year for customers.

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